Day 1 Featured Innovation Keynotes and Our 2016 Trend Report

 - Oct 14, 2015
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Future Festival Day 1 was the full theater-style, trend immersion experience with informative keynote presentations from several members of the Trend Hunter team.

Chief Trend Hunter and CEO Jeremy Gutsche kicked off the day at the Scotiabank Theater complex with back-to-back keynote presentations that brought attendees up to speed on his two bestselling books, 'Exploiting Chaos' and the NY Times Bestseller 'Better and Faster,' released earlier this year.

VP of Content and Culture Jaime Neely provided a comprehensive overview of the subsets of the millennial demographic, highlighting the range in values between a recent grad and a new parent.

President Shelby Walsh spoke to the modern challenge of marketing brand experiences by showcasing specific examples that point to the future of marketing campaigns informed by big data and of the power and pull of extreme personalization.

Director of Research Operations Courtney Scharf presented on the world of retail innovation and the pace at which such innovations are being realized. Covering everything from means to in-store personalization and iBeacon tech to community hub supermarkets, Scharf spoke to the changing consumer expectations in regard to the overall retail experience.

VP of Business Innovation Jonathon Brown provided an engaging overview of the 500 interviews he and his team has held with top innovators from across industries. Revealing some best-in-practice innovation initiatives and other expertise he has gleamed in the process, Brown spoke to what it really looks like when leaders encourage insatiability, curiosity and the willingness to destroy.

Guests were also given an overview of the exciting Trend Safaris they were to experience on day two from the tour leaders themselves, who also provided self-guided tour suggestions for attendees to explore on their own time.

Finally, VP of Research Strategy Armida Ascano provided a window into the disruptive nature of maker culture and the inevitable democratization of business in the digital age. Additionally, Ascano highlighted shifting consumer flavor preferences toward the realm of experimental dishes that engage multiple senses and realize unconventional flavor combinations.

During breaks from the captivating presentations, Future Festival attendees were treated to cocktails comprised of PAMA Liqueur and Dr. McGillicuddy's Apple Pie Liqueur concocted by LoveLee Promotions. Guests also sipped on wine from Southbrook Vineyards, a biodynamic winery that is also certified organic.

The day ended at the Ballroom Bowl, where clients and attendees mingled after an action-packed day experiencing Trend Hunter's 2016 Trend Report. The epic after party featured a slow motion photo booth from Party Pix Canada, which provided plenty of hilarious snapshots for guests to remember the event by.

Footage from Future Festival Day 1 can also be viewed in virtual reality on the Bublcam app!