These Funny Stock Photos Show What Photographers Think of Feminism

 - Nov 26, 2013
References: & nymag
Funny fashion blog, The Cut have gathered a collection of eye-opening and funny stock photos. The blog went through photo websites using various key terms such as "feminism", "girl power", "business woman" and "woman with positive body image." Apparently, according to stock photo companies feminism means lots of boxing gloves, climbing up high altitudes, playing with power tools and high heals crushing men.

Going through the gallery is hilarious and depressing. Apparently when photographers think of "Woman with positive body image" they think about women unsettlingly eating a banana. Yay feminism!

The key term "career woman" brings up images of woman holding holders, looking at x-rays and climbing up mountains and ladders. Most awkwardly it also brings up pictures of woman with multiple arms that look like a Hindu goddess.

Searching "girl power" is the most ridiculous. That term will get you woman with boxing gloves, holding dumbbells, and using power tools, sometimes using those tools on their toe nails!

By far the most baffling is "feminism" which will get you a lot of images of high heeled shoes crushing men. The unsurprising lesson here: people still don't understand feminism.