CEO Francis Pierrel Discusses Club Monaco's Creative Processes

 - Jun 29, 2018
References: youtube
President and CEO of Club Monaco Francis Pierrel sat down with Trend Hunter to talk about how he started his career in fashion, followed opportunity where he saw fit, and how he continues to stay on top on innovation.

As Pierrel explains, Club Monaco prides itself on its focus on co-creation, which coincides with its mission to empower people around the world. With such a large span, Club Monaco is able to consistently test out new ideas from all over, an aspect that Pierrel says its integral to its success. Although it's inevitable that not every idea will work or go as planned, he says that it's vital to never let the fear of failure prevent one from experimenting with new avenues of innovation. Apart from making for a more open environment, this method of thinking allows Club Monaco to learn not only from its successes but also from what can be improved upon.

In addition to overcoming the fear of failure, Pierrel explains that it's important to maintain a focus on the experiences that a brand offers to its consumers, to create an open environment where everyone in an organization feels comfortable sharing their ideas, and to be listen to consumers and follow their lead where applicable.

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