Kyrie Irving Gets Stuck in Mid-Air in This Foot Locker Ad

 - Nov 17, 2012
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The Week of Greatness begins with a Foot Locker ad featuring NBAer Kyrie Irving soaring through the air on a majestic, slow-motion dunk, until he stops mid-air and says, "Not again. I hate these cinematic dunks."

The idea of this Foot Locker ad is really a commentary on typical basketball or sportswear ads which create a lengthy, dramatic delivery of a regularly explosive move. Foot Locker breaks from the norm in an interesting way by doing this. Once stuck in the air, Kyrie Irving waits and waits as he slowly crawls through the air. In essence, he is "stuck" in flight. To pass the time, he makes a phone call, reads a bit and takes a nap.

He changes a few times as well before finally getting close to the net. Unable to take the suspense any longer, he forgets about dunking the ball and simply flips it in the net. Just as you think "finally" he got to the net, the caption hits the screen saying "Finally. The week of greatness has arrived."