Foodies on Foot Elevates Eating with Immersive Environments

 - Nov 16, 2015
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Foodie culture and experiential dining come together in Foodies on Foot, a food events company based in Toronto that enhances the enjoyment of eating by pairing meals with unforgettable local settings. Trend Hunter recently had the chance to speak to Steven Hellmann, one of the co-founders of Foodies on Foot, who notes: "People really want to reconnect. That was one of the main reasons that we launched Foodies on Foot, to connect people over food experiences." As well as being intrigued by unique food and venues and a sense of community, people are drawn to join tours from Foodies on Foot to learn about the evolution of local restaurants and food scenes.

At Trend Hunter's Future Festival, attendees embarked on the Street Art and Street Food Tour, which enhanced the experience of enjoying eats from local street food restaurants with the colorful surroundings of Toronto's Graffiti Alley.

From its vegan and gluten-free Wellness Food Tour to 501 Streetcar Food Tours and explorations of Secret Menus & Side Streets, Foodies on Foot offers themed food tours for everyone.