Flower Seed Shotgun Shells Turn Shot Guns into Flower Guns

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: flowershell & thisiswhyimbroke
Shotgun lovers can now garden with by turning their shotguns into flower guns by loading flower seed shells into their guns. Gardening will no longer require you to dig up the ground and bury the seeds. Now all you need to do is load your shot gun and blast the seeds into the ground.

Similar to the ‘Flower Power’ photo of the late 1960s, the seed shells bring flowers and guns together. The two differ from each other by reversing rolls. Instead of having flowers go into guns, the seed shells bring flowers out of them.

Now gun enthusiasts can grab re-purpose their shotguns for a whole new peaceful practice. Gun owners can now take up gardening between hunting seasons in order to sooth their trigger fingers.