Chronicle Your Life and Turn it Into a Widget

 - Jun 6, 2007
References: flickaday
By now everyone has seen Youtube videos and website that chronicle a person's life with a daily photograph. If you want to do it yourself, it'a alot of work to take the pictures, load them, and organize them day by day for however long you want to make your video for, and then of course there's making the video. A new website called Flick a Day is waiting for you to head over there and take a webcam picture of yourself once a day. They will store and keep your photos organized for you in the proper oder until you're ready for your movie. Once you've taken your first picture, they will give you a code so you can embed the Flickaday movie player anywhere you want on the Internet and your movie will be viewable at the click of a button to your viewers in a cool widget style. It doesn't get any simpler than that to chronicle your life. This website is sure to be a huge success. Happy chronicling.