Alternative Book Covers That Shock

 - Dec 20, 2006   Updated: Jun 7 2011
References: flapart
Flap Art Book Covers are shocking covers that slip on top of your book. The covers are sure to shock with titles like: Make Your Mother a Pornstar, How to Kill a Complete Stranger and Perfecting the Art of Fart Projection. If you find yourself bothered by people on the subway, a book cover like this is a good tool to keep people away.

Implications - There are 20 different book covers to choose from and all of which feature hilarious and shocking titles. Part of the collection is for "do-it-yourselfers," which includes funny titles such as "Do-it-Yourself Dentistry, At Home Laser Eye Surgery or Do-it-Youself Liposuction." There is definitely a book cover made to suit every sort of personality!