Ex Lovers Reporting Flaws Online at 'Don't Date Him Girl'

 - Apr 11, 2007
References: dontdatehimgirl
Do you want to know if a potential date has any skeletons in his closet? Does he have herpes? Is he already married? Is he a deadbeat dad? If you want the heads up on who to avoid in the dating world, then you've got to check out Don't Date Him Girl. They have grown by huge numbers in recent weeks, spurred by a lawsuit from a Pennsylvania attorney who cited that posted comments on this site ruined his character. He claimed the site posted he is an adulterer with sexual diseases. The case was thrown out so they are still open for business. They offer a unique service in that they provide you with the 411 on potential dates or who you wouldn't want to date - ever - period. Check them out, they have some interesting reading material over there and remember, fore-warned is fore-armed.