The Ferrari P3 Concept is Designed for Peak Performance on the Track

 - Jul 22, 2017
References: & carbuzz
As crazy as the Ferrari P3 Concept looks it actually makes sense in today's automotive culture. That's because some of the world's top luxury automakers are currently engaged in an arms race with the end goal being to create the ultimate street-legal hypercar. Ferrari already made the hybrid LaFerrari but the P3 Concept is much crazier than that.

Automotive designer Alex Imnadze Baldini's take on a new Ferrari hypercar is as extreme as they come. The Ferrari P3 Concept hugs the ground and has massive openings at the front and rear fenders to better direct airflow. Its cockpit looks like something out of "The Jetsons" and the rear wheels look as if they're on skates. All of this is in the name of aerodynamics, of course.

Alex Imnadze Baldini's Ferrari P3 Concept is unfortunately a bit too crazy to be made today. But don't be shocked if the company rolls out something like this in the next few years just to reassert its dominance.