- Jul 26, 2008
References: robotsrule & robotsrule
A recent YouTube video featured on TrendHunter showed robots reenacting a famous scene from "The Shining". Now a new breed of robot is heading straight towards your home, and they'll add a feminine twist to the consumer robot revolution: female robots.

These FemBots would make Austin Powers proud as they can dance, blow kisses, hand out business cards, and much more. Femisapien, also known as E.M.A. the Kissing robot to the mainstream press, is a talented and impetuous little bot that has some serious dance moves and is the perfect comely actress for the android stage.

In the accompanying video, "Robot Girl," you can see her crack a whip on a dog sled, smooch with the Tickle Me Elmo TMX doll, show Indiana Jones who the boss of the house is, and most importantly, see the best real time dance steps you've ever seen on a consumer priced robot.

All this is done as a parody remake of "Barbie Girl", the smash hit song that satired the vacuous party girl for all eternity and set a world of would-be Karaoke lipsyncers dancing the night away. "Robot Girl" takes the parody and turns it 180 degrees on its head while providing an inside glimpse on the first robot battle of the sexes in history.