The Favela Cloud Provides Ultra-Modern Living for Brazil's Poorest

 - May 28, 2012
References: & designbuzz
The Favela Cloud is a refreshing take on Brazil's famed favelas. This design, created by Kemo Usto, Thiru Manickam and Johan Kure, attempts to create a new school of thought on favela architecture. The Favela Cloud was designed specifically for Brazil's Santa Marta favela. The cloud is made up of a series of three-dimensional buildings, raised high above the ground by metal rods. The space is designed for mixed use, with housing units, a library, offices and a park all combined into one structure.

The raised design of the cloud is purposeful, as it allows them to provide shade for the area immediately below. The unique design of the Favela Cloud allows for it to fit snugly in a tight spot. This is good, as favelas are notoriously cramped, with new construction often coming at the loss of existing houses.