The 24 Ounce Quadruple C With 1/2 a Pound of Cheese and Bacon

 - Aug 9, 2007
References: dangerousdansdiner
In a culture increasingly obsessed with fat content, it seems only natural that there should be a backlash. In this case, it comes in the form of fat burgers.

Dangerous Dan's Diner in Toronto offers a fat burger almost guaranteed to make you hurl. The 24 ounce burger is called, "The Quadruple C," also known as, "The Collosal Colon Clogger Combo." It features a quarter pound of cheese, a quarter pound of bacon, 2 fried eggs, a large shake and poutine. Holy crap, that's healthy!

The review of The Quadruple C comes to me from an obsessed burger junkie in Toronto, but I discovered these lovely pictures on a blog named LongDongWong. The blogger had the opportunity to witness his friend attack the Quadrople C, and noted, "It took [my friend] over half an hour just to eat the burger without ever touching the fries and gravy. During the meal, the urge to hurl was ever present." Tasty.

The better part is that LongDongWong knew what happend the next day when his friend, "Didn't really want to eat anymore. He only wanted to have soup. I guess it didn't help that his burps smelled and tasted like burger."

If your craving for bacon is itching your stomach right now, you can rest assured that fat burgers aren't just available at niche diners. For example, Wendy's has been promoting the already-infamous Baconator. The Baconator is a 1/2 bound burger that features 6 strips of bacon and two pieces of cheese. It also provides you with 51 grams of delicious fat.

I've already developed a nice slogan that I'm offering royalty free, "900% more fat, 100% more taste."