The Fashion Gone Rogue 'Shiloh' Editorial Stars Martine Manumalo

The Fashion Gone Rogue 'Shiloh' online editorial appears to take some cues from the recent blockbuster 'Django Unchained.' Following a modern Western theme and starring a beautiful black model, it is hard not to make that connection. Nevertheless, in place of the warm shots and quintessential Quentin Terrantino touches, the photoshoot is much more gritty and impersonal. The minimalist outfits help in that department.

Shot by photographer Harper Smith and starring model Martine Manumalo, the Fashion Gone Rogue 'Shiloh' online editorial does a great job juxtaposing the rugged elements with feminine glamor. Stylist Stephanie Strate pulled pieces from such labels as Giorgio Armani, Cee Gee by Sue Wong and Dolce & Gabbana to accomplish that fine balance. Beauty artist Homa Safar perfected the looks with braids and a natural face.