Website Proves Gap in Airport Security

 - Oct 27, 2006
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Now you can get through airport security with the Northwest Airlines Boarding Pass Generator. Sounds like fun! The justification of the site is to illuminate security flaws that would enable any terrorist to bypass security with nothing but photoshop and a little spare time.

From the Boarding Pass Generator:
How do we fix this glaring security hole?
Give TSA employees scanners/computers, so that they can verify the validity of the boarding passes when you reach the security checkpoint. This is currently only done at the gate.
Do NOT allow people to print out boarding passes online. They're far too easy to spoof.
Stop assumming that just because you know who someone is, you know if they're a terrorist or not. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were not on the no-fly list, and none of the recent London liquid bomb-plot guys were on the no-fly list.