Divine Interventions Gives New Meaning to the Term 'Religious Ecstacy'

 - Aug 12, 2009
References: divine-interventions
Religion is often the catalyst for major social and technological innovations. The first book ever printed off a printing press was a Bible; wars have been waged all in the name of someone's God. The next earth shaker is here (no pun intended, keep reading, you’ll see why): faith inspired sex toys.

Yes, I am going to hell for writing this. Yes, I am blaspheming. Now that we all have that out of our systems, let’s continue. Divine Interventions creates naughty toys for adults, drawing upon the pantheon of world religions for its inspiration.

I won’t get into details here, I think we all know what a butt plug is and where it goes. Check out the gallery or better yet the website, I promise you won’t be damned for that.