Too Lazy to Type? Just Stare at Your PIN

 - Aug 22, 2007   Updated: Mar 25 2011
References: engadget
Reseaerchers at Stanford University have developed 'eye passwords'. Eye passwords allow you to enter your bank pin by simply glaring at the right keys.

The system is intended to protect you from spying people. However, I think it's really just a solution for people who are too lazy to type. Stanford researchers admit that the eye-tracking technology slows input time slightly, but say that it makes "eavesdropping by a malicious observer largely impractical."

Implications - The rise in coworking and telecommuting has turned nearly any public place with Wi-Fi into a virtual office. While this has opened the doors for identity theft and "shoulder surfing," it's also offered an opportunity to develop intelligent, intuitive ways for users to enter sensitive information without pushing buttons or typing keys.