Sapporo's Extraterrestrial Russian Brew

 - Dec 3, 2008   Updated: Jul 20 2011
References: themoscowtimes
We don't actually have breweries in space, yet. What we do have, however, are labs on the International Space Station that grow barley - one of the ingredients in beer. The Russians have taken this barley and along with the Japanese brewery, Sapporo, have made the first batch of space beer. Some of the 100 liters of brew will be taste-tested by 30 lucky people. The rest will probably be “researched.”

Implications - Tapping into the resources of outer space has been a priority since the first trip to the outerworlds. Whether the taste is truly different or not, the marketability of a product like this surpasses most alcoholic beverages. What is perhaps more of a gimmick and a sales tactic than a scientific advancement, space beer is sure to fly off the shelves when it hits liquor stores.