Jeremy Gutsche's Expert Innovation Speech on Direct Marketing

 - May 31, 2013
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Jeremy Gutsche's expert innovation speech explores the marketing advice he shares in his award-winning book 'Exploiting Chaos.' To teach his audiences how to best package their stories to create viral messages, the innovation keynote speaker shares the title format used at Trend Hunter. Titles needs to be simple, direct and supercharged. Each component plays an instrumental role in the power of a message.

Jeremy believes that direct messages are more likely to make a connect with consumers, which is crucial for success. In his book, he outlines the characteristics of a "direct" message:

"An outsider should understand your value proposition from your 7 words. Your value proposition is your advantage. It's the unique attribute that explains why [someone] should choose you."

Southwest Airlines is one brand in particular that nailed its seven words or less and as a result, has experienced sustained success. The following examples represent lackluster "seven words or less" that didn't really propel brands.

"From a major bank: 'Try everyone else and then you will come back to us.'

From a major airline: 'We have a lounge.'

From a large North American car rental company: 'We won't force you to take a certain car.'"

In other words, direct should not be interpreted as a lengthy description, outlining a number of characteristics of a product or service. A direct message will successfully portray the distinctive quality of something.

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