Erotic Double Sided Giftwrap

 - Dec 4, 2005   Updated: May 10 2011
"Wrap your gifts in our new raunchy wrapping paper and see the delight on your friends faces as they tear into their presents this xmas. 1 Supersize (84X59cm) sheet per pack."

Implications - When it comes to bachelor/bachelorette parties, start them off with gifts -- wrapped in this Eroctic Double Sided Giftwrap.

Before your friend settles into suburban married life, show them what they could be missing in single life with the Erotic Double Sided Giftwrap. As its name suggests, this is wrapping paper filled with naughty images of naked guys/gals with hot bods piercing through your eyes. It's honestly the perfect way to start off an evening that you'll never, or rather, will likely forget. Think of it as a raunchy teaser to an even raunchier evening you'll never live through during married life. If you want to be a little controversial, wrap up a Christmas gift and see what happens.

The Erotic Double Sided Giftwrap comes with one supersize (849X59cm) sheet per pack.