Ari Jónsson Develops Environmentally Friendly Bottles Out of Seaweed

 - Mar 25, 2016
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Design student Ari Jónsson recently put together a fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly bottle design made from algae. Despite the bottle being made from plants, it is able to retain its shape and solidness until it is empty. From that point onward the bottle begins to compose turning into natural waste that is beneficial for the environment.

Plastic bottles are one of the largest items found in global waste to-date, despite the design's convenience to the consumer. Keeping the simplicity of having a water bottle that is disposable, Jónsson's design replaces the plastic material with an algae-based one. The vessel is able to hold its shape while liquid remains inside, but once it is fully consumed the bottle begins to decompose immediately. The bottle can even be eaten, if the consumer desires.