The Empire Peaks Fuses Star Wars Characters with Political Figures

If you’ve ever wanted to see the heads of political and pop culture icons put on the bodies of famous Star Wars characters, then Michael Leavitt’s ‘Empire Peaks’ exhibit is for you. And if you’ve never wanted to see that, it’s pretty cool to see regardless.

By turning well known figures such as Kim Jong Il, Che Guevara, Darwin, Einstein, Gandi, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs into consumer products based on the popular franchise; Leavitt hopes to explore such themes as idol worship, our coveting of mass-produced collectibles and our societies need for heroes, rebels, villains and tyrants.

The statues are fully articulated and range in size from 8-inches to 40-inches. The ‘Empire Peaks’ exhibit will be held until December 21st at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York.