The Eliza Cummings Contributor #4 Shoot is Inspired by Elvis Presley

The 60s are back in a big way -- at least in the fashion industry -- and the Eliza Cummings Contributor #4 editorial is inspired by one of the biggest icons of that era: the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley. From the hair to the lip twitch, Cummings has this superstar's persona down pat. Yet, she somehow manages to make the style relatable to the present day.

Shot by photographer Camilla Akrans, the Eliza Cummings Contributor #4 photo shoot itself has a retro finish to it. From black and white shots to de-saturated ones, the editorial really captures the feel of the 60s. The androgynous ensembles were styled by Robert Rydberg, which focuses heavily on texture.