SmartCar San Francisco Documentary

 - Aug 22, 2008
References: daveibsen.typepad
Smart cars have a tiny fooprint -- both physically and environmentally -- but they took over San Francisco in a recent rally organized by the Smart dealership. Most people might associate the word 'rally' with a different sort of car: pre-1960's American cars, perhaps, or Harley-Davidsons, or pre-1970s muscle cars. This rally, however, proved that the diminutive Smart can be mighty too, en masse.

The rally was filmed for an upcoming documentary. There's no word on any future rallies, but one thing's for sure: Smart car owners are a unified bunch. These $13K microcars are rough for the classic car enthusiast to look at. Their superb gas mileage (33 MPG city/ 41 MPG highway) will give most drivers cause for a second glance, however.