The DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher Halfs Your Kitchen Duties

 - Sep 6, 2012
References: tuvie
Most labor-saving machines require a little bit of work on your part but the DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher is one of those rare innovations that significantly reduces your responsibilities. This is a remarkably clever concept that allows you to skip a couple of steps when it comes to tidying up after each meal.

In using this appliance, you'd no longer have to load your dirty dishes into the chamber, only to remove them and put them away after the sterilizing cycle has run. This device behaves as an overhead cupboard so that you only stash your plates, bowls and cups once. The brainchild of Halit Sancar, Gokce Altun, Pinar Simsek and Nagihan Tuna, the DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher boasts the added benefit of eco-friendly waterless operation that takes advantage of carbon dioxide.