Waterless Hair Cleaning Products to Get You Looking Good in Seconds

 - Sep 23, 2009
References: hairfinder
The new trend that I found appealing is waterless shampoo or dry shampoo for people who have oily hair and who have no time (or just sometimes lazy like me). 

All of us, I believe, have been faced with a situation in which we needed to look our best under very strict time pressure. The cure for timely makeovers has arrived with waterless shampoo.

There are many different types of time-saving shampoo including Klorane’s Dry Shampoo, T3 360 REFRESH Dry Shampoo, Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo, Tigi Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo and many more. 

The idea for a waterless care product came from space programs and was developed by NASA. Nowadays, waterless shampoos are used by Special Forces, cosmonauts, campers, mobile hairdressers, truckers, business persons and others who lack showering facilities or just have lack of time.