The DragonBall Z Kai Abridged Trims the Narrative Hilariously

 - Aug 22, 2011
References: teamfourstar & wtfoodge
If you grew up in the ‘90s, you’re about to get a bout of nostalgia with this DragonBall Z Kai Abridged parody. Not only does it recap the iconic first season of the anime phenomenon, but it does it with such comedic flair that I was laughing hysterically out loud while watching it, much to my co-workers’ dismay.

Fans of the DragonBall Z series know the franchise is legendary for drawing out story lines with unnecessarily long exposition that ultimately led nowhere, but the Dragonball Z Kai series looked to rectify that problem by trimming much of the narrative fat. Well Team FourStar does one better in DragonBall Z Kai Abridged and compresses dozens of episodes into just two minutes worth of footage, all overdubbed with hilarious dialogue and funny edits.

Implications - Consumers enjoy pop culture parodies because it offers them humorous experiences while referencing a product consumers are already familiar with. Corporations may similarly reinvigorate consumer interest in their wares if they produce a promotional campaign parodying one of their staple items.