1/3 of Americans Believe in Ghosts and UFOs

 - Dec 10, 2008
References: unitedstatesufo.blogspot
A little more than one in three Americans (34%) are convinced that ghosts exist and that unidentified flying objects sometimes cross the sky, according to an IPSOS survey for Associated Press. According to this investigation, 23% of Americans say they have seen a ghost or felt its presence. 48% of the Americans are convinced of the existence of extrasensory perceptions, telepathy or clairvoyance. 34% believe in the existence of UFOs (14% say they’ve seen them) and 19% are afraid of witchcraft.

One in five Americans are superstitious, a believe most often held in poor, young urban people; for them, finding a four-leaf clover is the surest sign of good luck. To avoid bad luck, they avoid passing under the ladders, men refuse to see their future brides in their dresses before the ceremony and some fear black cats, broken mirrors or opening umbrellas inside.