Digital Stress Infographic Reveals Consequences of Juggling Tasks

This Digital Stress infographic by shows the consequences people face with multitasking and the online world. Most people claim to be experts at multitasking, but what they don't know is the health and damage that comes with it -- you know who you are.

According to this research, people are incapable of conducting more than two tasks at once. The jobs become inefficient and inaccurate with additional multitasking. On top of that, it induces stress to the over worked brain.

These alarming statistics reveal the increased use of media, which has skyrocketed in the last 50 years from five to 12 hours a day. People go through roughly 40 different websites a day while switching from one program to the other, totaling 36 times within one hour. Take a look through this Digital Stress infographic to get all stunning details.