Clockwise or Counter Clockwise?

 - Nov 9, 2007   Updated: Jul 4 2011
References: gadgenista
This is truly an amazing brain game. Stare at the spinning dancer and decide which way she is spinning - clockwise or counter-clockwise? Supposedly, the direction you perceive tells us whether you are left- or right-brain dominant. Clockwise: right-brain dominant (imaginative, philosophical, touchy-feely, impetuous). Counter-clockwise:left-brain dominant (logical, practical, detail-oriented, safe). And some people can see both!

Implications - Consumers, while primarily rational, have an irrational underbelly that motivates their decision-making. Consumers are most engaged when talking about themselves or finding things out about themselves. Companies should create opportunities for their customers to explore and celebrate their more venal qualities, with the hopes of forming a deeper connection.