Brazil Advertising Students Create Watermelon Day

Dia da melancia (Watermelon day) is a project created by five advertising students that grew up and is expanding off the academic space. It's a quest to bring justice to watermelons worldwide, starting in one of the most suitable places, Brazil!.

"The watermelon is a fruit that deserves its day, such as bananas and others. The first Dia da melancia (watermelons day) will happen in 11/26/06 in Belo Horizonte, but we wish to make it even greater. The day will count with pipin (spiting watermelon seeds), watermelon helmets tutorials , watermelon drinks, and many competitions."

The Dia de Melancia site counts with lots of watermelon based recipes and drinks, and many other things, such as photos, stickers, and msn avatars. They invite the watermelonists to contribute generating content, and making their own models or avatars, stencils and stickers. The claim is: long live watermelons! watermelon in the head!

Watch the parody to Sony Bravia Balls commercial