901 Tequila Presents Artistic Emphasis on Club Decor & Architecture

 - Aug 31, 2010
References: trendhunter
Laser-lined lounges, blood red bars and fish bowl dance floors. Today we hunt: ARTISTIC 'BARCHITECTURE' - 901 Tequila presents artistic emphasis on club decor & architecture.

Because establishments with low product differentiation must find other ways to stand out, nightclubs and bars are becoming more focused on interior design, placing heavy emphasis on the artistic elements of the bar's architecture and decor. Now nightlife aficionados with high regard for aesthetics can better discern where exactly they want to party.

And now for the 901 Tequila Top Ten.

10. As your night starts heating up, cool down at the Abolut Icebar in Stockholm. This party destination features glasses, drink bars and decor all made out of ice. This concept will have your significant other cuddling up to you for warmth in no time.

9. Most nightclubs would die to have this laser-lined look. With 148 lasers creating a cartoony outline of couches, pillars and walls, this illuminated destination provides one heck of a party atmosphere.

8. While the Maison Du Champagne bar in Wan Chi, Hong Kong looks like it would grate cheese quite well, the actual design is made out of raw MDF boxes which are backlit to create a truly unique ambience.

7. Bar Rouge in Shanghai is the closest you'll get to a modern day Moulin Rouge. It's the perfect atmosphere to compliment your many shots of tequila.

6. The Greenhouse nightclub does not only contain greenery, it is green as well because it is entirely wind-powered and uses waterless urinals and low-flow toilets. Finally, a clubbing experience that you can feel good about -- even when you are hungover the next day.

5. The 'Aqua' is a shipping container nightclub by Grandstad that is a portable party -- not to be confused with porta potty. The 3-story bar can sail the sea with its yacht-like design while you and 499 friends party like it's 1999.

4. It is no surprise that the Conga Room -- the hottest Latin nightclub in LA -- mimics its spicy roots by having volcano-esque decor. The floor-to-ceiling displays change colors but the lava-like decor isn't the only thing heating up the dance floor.

3. If you want killer music, head to the SOUND nightclub which boasts its unrivaled audio system. Never again will harsh edges and boxy architecture ruin your sound quality because SOUND is constructed from nothing but curves.

2. This Storage Box Bar contains several LED lights that pulsate to the beat of the music played inside the odd-looking pub. If you're looking for a street dance party to show off your Napolean Dynamite routine, look no further.

1. While religion and hard liquor rarely mix, the Spirito Martini Nightclub allows you to get your drink on while at church. The Brussels-based bar used to be a former Anglican church, but now it is a go-to place for heavenly martinis and VIPs.

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