Darcy the Flying Hedgehog is the Cutest Instagramming Critter

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: instagram & mymodernmet
A Tokyo-based Instagram user named Shota Tsukamoto dedicated an Instagram account to adorable shots of his pet, Darcy the Flying Hedgehog. His Instagram account, entitled ‘@darcytheflyinghedgehog’ features the three-year-old rodent in quirky, animated positions.

While Darcy sits comfortably in a plastic cup, takes a snooze in Shota’s hand, looks at a globe while planning her next trip, or practices her role as the next Joker, Shota snaps his funny little pet. Darcy the Flying Hedgehog was named after the former bassist of The Smashing Pumpkins and like the musician, Darcy is literally a "pointy, edgy girl." Unlike porcupines that also have spikes, hedgehogs are known for their protective and affectionate natures. They're so cute when they curl up in balls, and many people are so fascinated by these tiny critters.

Shota Tsukamoto’s Instagram account for Darcy already has 340,262 followers and as more shots of the cute rodent appear on the account, the following grows.