Dang Chips are a Cholesterol and Gluten Free

 - Aug 31, 2012
References: dangfoods & kickstarter
Dang chips are made out of freshly peeled and sliced coconuts. In case you're wondering, the word "dang" is Thai for "red." They are a healthier alternative to potato chips that can be high in saturated fats and calories. In fact, these coconut chips are vegan, gluten free, contain no cholesterol, dairy or MSG. All the benefits of the fruit have been made into a delicious snack that can be enjoyed anytime of day.

Dang chips can be used as toppings on desserts, salads and soups. With the growing concern for obesity, it would be of interest for companies to develop healthier snack options that not only look good but taste good as well.

There is a huge market of consumers who want to stay lean but can't manage to due to hectic schedules. By making healthy foods easily accessible and affordable, companies can contribute to nourishing a healthier society.