Americans Over-Surf At Work

 - Aug 29, 2007
Whether it's email, Facebook, IM or Second Life, if your doing it at work, you're a "cyberslacker."

"A recent survey by online compensation firm showed about six out of 10 employees in the United States acknowledged wasting time at work," Yahoo news reports. "About 34 percent listed personal Internet use as the leading time-wasting activity in the workplace. Employees said they did so because they were bored, worked too many hours, were underpaid or were unchallenged at work. Some experts say private Internet use at work does not affect productivity and could even be beneficial."

Wasting your hours on the job is a time honored tradition. Maybe you're just taking a break, clearing your head, perhaps they're not paying you enough, or quite simply, you have a bonehead boss. As long as you're not coming back to the office with a loaded weapon ready to unload on colleagues, what's the harm?