Shelby Walsh Shares Custom Smartphone Cases to Make an Impression

 - Jan 29, 2013
For those who like to stand out in the crowd, these creative iPhone cases not only help to protect your beloved phone, but also express your style and personality.

The iPhone case by ArtizanWork tricks the untrained eye into believing that the phone and case have been damaged severely. This illusion helps to protect your phone in two ways: from physical damage and from theft, because who would want to steal a broken iPhone?

The iPhone Lens Dial by Photojojo allows the user to not only protect their phone but take photographs in telephoto, wide-angle and fish-eye perspectives. The JuiceTank case allows the user to simply plug their iPhone into any regular power outlet and charge it up. Finally, the iLid case provides extra storage so you can leave your wallet at home, and the Book Book case allow you to hide your cherished iPhone under the guise of an old pocketbook.

Let Shelby Walsh, Trend Hunter’s VP of Operations, tell you more about these fun ideas with her top picks on creative iPhone cases.