CuriosityStream Offers a Range of Educational Series and Films

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: facebook & curiositystream
Those who are looking to access more educational series and films through their televisions and smart devices are likely to find CuriosityStream appealing, a documentary streaming service that's frequently updated.

As CuriosityStream plans can be purchased for as low as $2.99 a month, the service is considerably cheaper than Netflix, which offers just a portion of the documentaries. Currently, CuriosityStream has over 1,500 educational series and films to choose from, and new ones are added on a weekly basis. Additionally, those interested in the streaming service can test it out for seven days for no charge, and can cancel their account whenever they'd like with no hassle.

By exclusively offering documentaries, CuriosityStream appeals to consumers who have exhausted the educational options that are available through cable and other streaming services, as well as those who are simply looking for a more affordable alternative.