Culture Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche On Building a Strong Team

 - May 21, 2013
References: jeremygutsche
Culture innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche explores the power of a strongly knit team during his speeches. He explains the power of laughter in particular, and highlights the different ways it can help a team survive and thrive during times of chaos and uncertainty. He references the effects that laughter can have on bringing people together, creating a more tolerable and open community -- conditions necessary for innovation.

In his book, Jeremy references a study on laughter conducted by neurologist Robert Provine that illustrates its effects on the human brain. The study proved that:

"...laughter is primarily a social phenomenon driven by the psychological need to forge bonds with other people. This social need to connect is the same reason that babies laugh even though they do not have cognitive ability to understand your hilarious jokes."

Laughter can can help people feel more valued, and during uncertain times, this is very important. Tight-knit teams will likely come up with better solutions and faster.

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