The Cthulhu Sculpture Provides a Incorporeal Form to a Beloved Monster

The Cthulhu has slowly ethced its way into the world of mainstream society and with its fans base growing it each day, Tim Prince of FORGOTTEN BONEYARD has created a cthulhu sculpture fashioned out of bones.

The carcass-made sculture is constructed from the bones of minks, raccoons, and beavers, because there's no better to make use of animal bones than by turning them into sculptures. The sculture provides the fans of H. P. Lovecraft's ancient monster, a real-life representation of what the creature would actually look like, if it were real. This anatomized sculpture of the dreaded Cthulhu is sure to provide a morbid comfort to many of its followers.

Prince's workings has mostly revolved around dead and mythical creatures has mostly been dedicated to the macabre.