This Skin Cream Ad from Isabella's Clearly Uses a Quirky Mannequin

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: coloribus & youtube
While there are dozens of skin cream ads that use the same kinds of stories to deliver the similar messages, this ad from Isabella's Clearly is in a league of its own.

The ad tells the story of a female mannequin who's a do-it-all kind of girl interested in everything from cooking to gardening, swimming and even parachuting. However, the mannequin describes that she began to notice that participating in all these activities was taking its toll on her skin, leaving it cracked, worn out and irreparable.

In a quick twist, it's revealed that the mannequin suddenly got herself a pair of new hands and was able to continue living her life to the fullest. For those who aren't able to swap out their hands so easily, Isabella's Clearly sneaks in a mention of its rejuvenating all-natural skin oils.