These Tiny Machines Can Convert Carbon into a Harmless Byproduct

Engineers at the University of California San Diego are in the process of developing micro-robots that can be used to convert carbon into a harmless byproduct. With the consequences of climate change becoming increasingly evident, many scientists are working on new ways to protect our oceans. These new machines could serve as a viable solution for keeping our oceans clean.

The new robotic devices consist of micrometer-length tubes that travel through the water and convert carbon into a harmless byproduct. The tubes are coated with a special enzyme, which helps to transform carbon into calcium carbonate. By preventing carbon from turning into carbonic acid, the micro-robots reverse the process of ocean acidification. The process ultimately helps to scrub the ocean clean and control the effects of climate change.

Although the technology is still in the early stages of development, the project demonstrates a possible solution for removing carbon dioxide from ocean water.