Computers For Guns: Mexico City's Plan To Curb Violence

 - Jan 24, 2006   Updated: Aug 22 2011
In an effort to cut down on crime, Mexico city police are offering computers for guns. Yes, that's right, a straight up trade of laptops for pistols. The idea isn't to transform gangster criminals into computer coders, but it's close.

"People often have a gun at home, which could perhaps be for self-defense, but sadly it becomes a family tragedy when it is not used properly " Guadalupe Lopez, a government official, told Reuters.

Implications - Social responsibility is a standard that most customers expect from the businesses they patronize. Programs or advertising initiatives that endeavor to curb crime, reduce discrimination or simply encourage overall well-being will be favored by a large demographic. With that in mind, companies should showcase the social good they support in local communities and abroad.