Alter Eco's Compostable Packaging Reduces Landfill Waste

In order to combat the staggering amount of plastic that ends up sitting in landfills, Alter Eco is dedicated to developing compostable packaging solutions for a range of packaged consumer products. The brand's latest innovation is a stand-up quinoa pouch, which can be decomposed in a consumer's backyard compost bin.

The pouch itself is made from a patent-pending blend of birch and eucalyptus wood pulp and non-GMO corn. On top of the pouch, images and text are printed with non-toxic ink so that nothing undesirable leeches back into the soil.

Prior to introducing this compostable packaging solution for quinoa, Alter Eco also unveiled a similar design for candy wrappers, showing that there is room for all food packages to be improved for the betterment of the environment.