Nude And Colorless Soft Drink Cans

 - Dec 11, 2009
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Colorless is an eco-friendly package proposal designed by Ryan Harc, a design studio founded by Ryan Yoon and Harc Lee.

The duo’s philosophy believes that design starts from culture, which impacts human beings individually and in their society. For this reason, their forward-thinking eco-friendly, soft drink can package proposal (phew!) makes sense.

The nude (colorless), aluminum can concept does away with the use of toxic paint that labels the can with color and branding. Ryan Harc suggests using the can in its natural aluminum state and then pressing the logo and branding elements into the can.

Ryan Harc has found a creative and attractive way to market a product and still help our environment. The nude look is minimalist, yet futuristic, and it doesn’t affect the taste - so it’s all good!