The New Coca-Cola Recycling Initiative Will be Complete by 2030

 - Jan 20, 2018
References: cnbc & packagingnews
The newly announced Coca-Cola recycling initiative will see the brand collecting and recycling 100% of its packaging by the year 2030.

Coca-Cola has not been immune to the criticism of big brands' impact on the environment and waste production, and it is finally making an attempt to mitigate the environmental destruction it contributes to. It has announced that its global goal will be to help collect and recycle its used products in a campaign titled 'World Without Waste,' and will invest in creating packaging that is actually recyclable. The goals include taking a bottle back for each that is sold to extend the packaging's lifespan, and to build better bottles and develop plant-based resins.

Though the brand still has many issues to address when it comes to its impact on the environment, the Coco-Cola recycling initiative is a step in the right direction.