Coca-Cola Commercial Turns Bottle Caps into Musical Instruments

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: coca-cola & ibelieveinadv
"What can your Coca-Cola become?" is the question behind this new Coca-Cola commercial and the one it answers.

The commercial was shot in Toronto, Canada, as is evident by the distinct skyline and shots of Lake Ontario. Young people are shown doing what they typically do in Coca-Cola commercials -- drinking Coca-Cola and having a good time. But beyond that, they’re shown attaching dozens of bottle caps (which we assume they've collected after months of binge drinking Coca-Cola) to the bottom of their shoes for use in "cap dancing."

Called a "Coca-Cola-inspired activity" the musical vibe continues as they tap on their vintage glass Coca-Cola bottles, make shaker bracelets and generally have a great time while dancing through puddles, up stairways and on moving buses.

The deeper messaging of this Coca-Cola commercial is that drinking Coca-Cola can activate inspiration inside you.