The Clock for an Acrobat is Both Precarious and Precise

 - Nov 1, 2011
References: pentagram & swipelife
For those avid timepiece lovers out there, the Clock for an Acrobat may look vaguely familiar. That is because it was designed and created by the same person who fashioned the Clock for an Architect. Yet, although it has the same deconstructed look, there is definitely an acrobatic aesthetic in this design that is missing in the Architecture one. This is seen in the playful use of wires and layers.

Conceived by Daniel Weil, the Clock for an Acrobat explores the parallels between the way time moves spherically and spatially, just "the way an acrobat moves along a wire: both precarious, both precise, both balanced," as Pentagram puts it. Stunningly artistic, there is a defiance of gravity not just in its design, but also by the way the battery is held in midair magnetically.