The Jedi Do Japan

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: clintonfelker.blogspot & mymodernmet
If you love Star Wars and samurai folklore, Clinton Felker has the perfect mash-up for you: the Vail-based artist's latest work infuses elements of Feudal Japan with several Star Wars characters, creating dark and hazy renditions of samurai that are sure to impress fans and art enthusiasts alike.

Darth Vader dons full samurai armour, unsheathing a glowing red katana in one piece. Boba Fett appears in an ominous red an black armour sporting dual katanas. Yoda's piece is perhaps the most creative, as he is totally reimagined from the feet up, levitating in the lotus position while smoking a pipe. The Stormtroopers have also been rehashed, wielding katanas, triple-headed spears, battle axes and bows.

Felker is a part-time artist with a love for science-fiction, martial arts films and video games. Prints and other merchandise can be purchased online via his blog.