Cinnabon Sliders

 - Jul 20, 2012
Finally we don’t have to wait till dinner’s done to have our dessert, Dude Foods blog has created the ultimate Cinnasliders. These mini dessert/dinner burgers consist of cinnamon buns as of course the buns and some bacon and ground beef patties packed in the middle.

They’ve remade their original recipe of the Cinnaburger to make them a little easier to handle. These guys know it’s not really that much of a healthier version, but a little less messy to pick up. Referring to the original recipe they say on there website, "I combined a half pound burger patty, a Cinnabon and some bacon into a delicious artery-clogging, heart attack-inducing treat."

These are a pretty simple DIY all you need is to pick up a few Cinnabon or make you own easy Pillsbury cinnamon buns, grab extra icing, make some ground beef patties and sizzle up some bacon.

Then just kick your feet up and indulge, just don’t plan on having anything to do for the rest of the day.