Courtney Scharf Discusses Unusual and Alternative Mexican Meals

 - May 3, 2013
Cinco de Mayo is a traditional American holiday that celebrates the cause for freedom during the early years of the Civil War, and these creative Cinco de Mayo recipes only go to show that even old-fashioned meals are getting a little bit of liberation.

One of the most interesting aspects of any holiday that has been celebrated for many decades is that over time its cultural resonance shifts and changes in order to accommodate any new traditions that have arisen.

In the case of these clever Cinco de Mayo recipes that see people using unconventional ingredients and food styles, it's obvious that many have decided to add their own tasty twists to traditional Mexican foods.

From the rolled-up Mexican 'Tacone' to candied tacos, these Cinco de Mayo recipes are new and exciting ways to spice up your holiday festivities.